James Farrell is very serious about not taking himself too seriously. He may wear his heart on his sleeve, but he doesn’t expect you to cry about it. Instead, he prefers to find the humor in the heartache and extraordinary in the routine. In a life that can be difficult to understand, James has an almost effortless ability to bring clarity. He won’t sugarcoat the truth, but he’ll cut the pill in half and make it easier to swallow.

Aside from his own projects, James has also toured the world as a keyboardist for such artists as Matt Nathanson, Brett Eldredge, and David Nail. And when he’s not on the road or working on his own music, he is producing up-and-coming artists out of his home studio in Nashville, TN. Born and raised in Chicago, educated at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and now hustling the Music City, James is fluent in anything from blues to pop to country. They say a jack of all trades is a master of none, but James Farrell is determined to prove that old adage wrong.